About Yigal Allon Centre

The Yigal Allon center with the Museum of “Man in the Galilee” were opened in 1986 in memory of Yigal Allon, it represents Allon’s ideas, thought and ways. Allon was born, raised, fought, and built his home and his family in the Galilee. His house that was built on the shore of Lake Kineret in Kibbutz Genosar corresponds with the landscape, the roots of Jewish culture and with the people who were willing to contribute to Israeli society. 

The Yigal Allon center is a memorial site, a place of hope, that focuses on the current Zionistic affairs, a place of prayer, creation and work between Arabs and Jews, a place for young peoples’ dreams and for friends and those who see themselves as partners in this path. The museum displays exhibitions that deal with a wide range of subjects that draw their inspiration from Allon’s unique personality and the rich history of the Galilee.

We invite you to visit through the many generations of settlers in the Galilee of both Jews and their neighbors. From the days of the Big Revolt, the destruction of the Second Temple, through the periods of the Mishna and the Talmud, to the early days of pioneering and Zionism up until today.