The team

Dani Zamir


Educator and social entrepreneur with a BA and MA (with honors) in Law from Tel Aviv University. Founded the Rabin Pre-Military Academy and served as Director for sixteen years. Founded the Council for Pre-Military Academies, serving six years as Chairperson and eight as CEO. Member of Moshav Karkom married to Ella, has three children and six grandchildren.

Avi Zeira

Director of Content

Educator in the fields of Jewish culture, Zionism and Hebrew literature. In the past, he led leadership programs for youth, served as the head of a mechina, managed the Shitim Institute and for about three decades teaches communities, teachers, soldiers and commanders, youth movements and mechinot. Avi is married to Sigal and the father of Tal, Nitzan and Amos.

Oshrat Siso

Deputy CEO and Museum Director

Former Founder and Director of the Tavor Training Center, which develops programs for IDF commanders and officers to promote meaningful, committed IDF service. Holds a BA in Social Sciences and an MA in Organization Development and Group Management. Graduate of the 6th class of the Mandel Institute Leadership Program. Married to Alon, a mother of three, lives in Moshav Ilanya.

Hila Hanun

Organizational and Resource Director

Studied Education and Management at the Open University and Contemporary Curating and Museology at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yafo. Former project manager at the Entrepreneurship Development Center (MATI), bureau director at the Government Tourism Company (Tiberias Director), and coordinator of a professional union (Noal) in the Kinneret region. Married to Danny, mother of two sons, lives in Tiberias.

Udi Tamir

Director of the Educational Center

Member of Kibbutz Tirat Zvi. Founded and managed the HaEmek mechina for 15 years. Today he runs the educational center of the Yigal Allon Center. He has a master’s degree in Jewish thought. Udi is married to Yaeli and a father of five.


Margarita Sabah


Graduated her BA from Bar Ilan University in Human Resource Management with honors as well as certificate studies in payroll accounting. Has worked as an accountant at the Yigal Allon Center for the past 6 years. Lives in Tiberias and is married +2

Merav Sror

Archivist and Curator

Earned an MA in interdisciplinary Democratic Studies from the Open University and a Library Science Diploma from Beit Berl College.
Has been curating exhibitions for seventeen years. Enjoys combining and challenging the public space. Lives in Kibbutz Degania Alef.

Nitzan Aton

Manager Pre-Military Academies and Services

Educator, experienced in pre-military academies as a trainee, guide, teacher and head of the Adamit branch at the Rabin Pre-Military Academy. Studying for an MA in Education Management. Lives with Anat, father to Jonathan, Naomi and Yael. Member of Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan.

Yami Rot

Lecturer and Content Developer

Nofar Koren Harush

Manager of Children, Youth and Visitor Department

Educator with a BA (with honors) in Youth Advancement and a Teaching Certificate in History. Completed her MA studies in Education Policy, specializing in Education and Social Change. She is currently writing her thesis on Vegetarianism in the Jewish Yishuv and the ideas of A. D. Gordon. She served in various leadership roles in the Bnei Hamoshavim movement and taught at Ramot Yam High School. Lives in Kibbutz Gesher with Jonathan and their two daughters.

Noya Zevulun

Security Forces Supervisor

Experienced manager of programs and units in the third sector. Holds a BA in Behavioral Sciences from the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yafo and a Design and Home Styling diploma from Shenkar College. Lives in Kibbutz Geva with Alon and children Ido and Shani.

Rageb Rabah


Years of experience as a freelancer and employee in a variety of fields including as a maintenance man, renovations and carpentry. Married + 5 and lives in Deir Hanna

Hamudi Ahmad


Qualified in caring for people with disabilities. Worked in a special education home in Taberia and as a gardener. Lives in Wadi el Hamam. Married, had five children and one grandson.

Alya Hadrawi


Lives in Wadi el Hamam. An exceptional cook. Mother of three and proud grandmother of seven grandchildren.