Art Gallery

Exhibition: Heartbreak

The Adam Bagalil Museum at the Yigal Allon Center is hosting the exhibition Heartbreak, which presents works by thirty artists from Ashkelon, the Otef Aza communities, and the Galilee.

The exhibition curators are Mickey Banai and Yael Nitzan. The exhibition ends on 1.5.2024

Writing about art in wartime can be challenging. However, it also allows us to understand the interaction between art and the extreme reality of war.
Heartbreak is intense emotional pain and despair caused by deep agony. It affects mood, social functioning, and health. Many works dealing with heartbreak during war attest to the suffering and conflicts that color personal and social relationships.
In days when rockets are pounding and the war zone sounds like a battlefield, in the aftermath of the horrific events of October 7, we are presented with works that reflect the fear and outcry, the sensations and emotions of artists creating in an obscure space under chaotic circumstances; engulfed in a vale of tears, overwhelmed by pain. Some seek light within the darkness, others hope within despair.
The narrative, formal and expressive elements in the exhibition convey concealed and revealed messages attesting to the horror and violence of the tragedy in the South. Some document events and figures chillingly, others express the grief and mourning of those who remain, while others use brushstroke and color spontaneously and intuitively.
Nonetheless, many of the artworks enhance the national spirit, provide compassion, inspire hope for a better future, and the wish for freedom in this country.