Terms of use

  1. General
    • Welcome to https://yigal-allon-centre.org.il (hereinafter: “the Website“), the Beit Yigal Allon – Memorial Center Association (registered association) website. The Association works to preserve the memory of the late Yigal Allon by engaging in educational activities, as part of the Zionist mindset and legacy of Yigal Alon. The Association’s activities include the introduction and study of Reconstructionist Judaism and Judaism in its various forms, promoting the study and establishment of all forms of settlement throughout the State of Israel, strengthening actions to preserve cleanliness and integrity of land and public property, expanding and establishing the engagement of youth and adults in agriculture and independent work, and the promotion of activities for the education, learning and implementation of values of equality, social justice and assistance to disadvantaged populations.
    • Your use of this Website must be in compliance with the provisions of these Terms of Use and any law, without violating any legal provision and without causing damage any third party and/or the Association or anyone on its behalf. You will only use this Website in good faith and for legal purposes. Registration for tours and escape rooms, including the purchase of books or the purchase of tickets for cultural events held by the Association (hereinafter: “the Services” ) through the website is subject to compliance with all the terms and conditions detailed in these Terms of Use.
    • Online payments through the Website will be made using a valid and legally held credit card, which was issued by an authorized company in Israel. The Association will not be responsible for payments that are not transferred, transferred in excess or transferred in deficit by the credit company.
    • To execute payments or register to the Website you must provide a valid and active email address.
    • Any abuse of the Website or of failures and/or errors existing on the Website or the Internet, will constitute a violation of these Terms of Use and the Website operator will be entitled to cancel any transaction made with such abuse.
    • Any user providing incorrect details during their registration or when performing any action will bear sole responsibility for such, and the Association will be entitled to cancel the transaction with them.
    • It will be clarified that the information included on the Website about the activities of the Association and its staff, updates concerning the activities of the Association and initiatives, is subject to change by the Association as it sees fit, and the person placing the order will have no claims regarding such.
  2. Prices, terms and times of payment
    • The Services provided by the Association can be pre-ordered through the Website. The person placing the order is responsible for verifying the date and time of the Services ordered and that the number of participants corresponds to the participant limit specified for the selected Services.
    • Services related to the tours or escape rooms offered by the Association can be ordered and/or reserved only by phone.
    • The person placing the order also bears full responsibility for any damage caused to the facilities provided for their use as part of the selected Services.
    • The prices listed on the Website are provided in New Israeli Shekels and do not include VAT, since the Association is exempt from payment of VAT for its Services and products. If VAT at the rate required by law is charged for any service or product at any time in the future, Such amount will be added to the price at the VAT rate determined by law at that time in the State of Israel.
    • For each Service purchased on the Website, the Association will send the person placing the order, after such order is made, an e-mail message with details about its name, phone number and address, the nature of the Service and/or its date, the price and terms of payment and the manner of exercising the right to cancel the transaction and the date of termination of the transaction if the Service is a course or other transaction for a fixed period as defined in the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981 (hereinafter: “Transaction Detail Message to Customer“). The Association will provide the person placing an order with an email message concerning their registration to courses, despite such registration not constituting a transaction and not involving any payment.
  3. Cancelling a Transaction
    • Without Derogating from the generality of the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981 and in accordance with the Consumer Protection Regulations (Cancelling a Transaciton), 5771-2010, a transaction can be canceled within 14 days from the date of purchase of the Service, provided the cancellation is made 14 business days before the Service start date;
    • A notice concerning the cancellation of a transaction will be submitted using a link on the website, which allows the submission of a cancellation notice.
    • In any case, the cancellation of a transaction required the payment of a cancellation fee equal to the lower of 5% of the price of the Service or NIS 100.
  4. Liability
    • The Website and all the information and contents appearing on it or that are accessible through or using the Website are provided as-is, and the Association has no responsibility regarding their content, validity and proper operation. The Association does not guarantee that the Website will be provided without malfunctions, interruptions or errors, and will not be liable for any damage caused due to any use or failure to use the Website or due to any use of or reliance on the contents contained therein. The Association and those working on its behalf will not be held liable in connection with the Service provided by the Website. So, among other things, and without derogating from the generality of the above, you acknowledge and agree that the Website may cease to operate at any time, whether temporarily or permanently; your information stored on the Website’s servers may be deleted without any possibility of recovery; you may be prevented from accessing to the Website; the use of the Website may not conform with your requirements; the website will not be completely secure, and the information that passes between you and the Website may be exposed to third parties.

The Association is not responsible for the actions or omissions of any third parties, including Website users. You are exclusively responsible for ensuring that viruses or any other harmful elements do not penetrate your system, and the Association will be exempt from any responsibility in this regard. Since your connection to the Website is done through the Internet, it is possible that information you publish or upload to the Website (to the extent you have the option to do so) will reach third parties.

  • Without derogating from the generality of the above, and for the sake of caution, it will be stressed that in any case, the Association will not be responsible for indirect or consequential damages that will be caused due to any use of the Website.
  • The content available on the Website does not constitute an offer, professional advice, guidance, solicitation or counselling, and any action you take based on the information available on the Website will be at your own risk.
  • If you believe any information published on the Website is incorrect or violates a right or law or causes any damage, please inform the Association of such immediately . The message should be delivered to info@allon.org.il. The message must include the details of your complaint, your contact details, and any other information which may be relevant for the purpose of evaluating the complaint and handling it. The Association will handle the complaint at its discretion.
  • The Association may, at its sole discretion, stop the activity of the Website or any part thereof, whether temporarily or indefinitely, make any changes to the Website, including to the Services offered on the Website, its content, its design, the conditions for accessing the Website, and so on. Furthermore, the Association may, at its sole discretion, block you from using the website without any prior notice, to the extent this is necessary for the purpose of protecting the Association, you or third parties, in the event of an violation of the Terms of Use on your part, if you have provided the Association with incorrect information, if a payment you owe the Association has not been received, if your credit card was blocked, or in any other case where this is reasonably required.
  1. Copyright
    • All the content available on the Website and/or linked to it, including: articles, images, graphics, text, logos, product descriptions, programs and services, data files and software is the exclusive property of the Association and/or anyone on its behalf and/or whoever authorized the Association to use it, and constitutes intellectual property protected by the laws of the state of Israel and international laws, including regarding intellectual property and copyright. Anyone violating these laws may be prosecuted.
    • It is strictly forbidden to make any use of the trademarks found on the Website and/or the images and information contained therein as stated above, including copying, reproducing, distributing, publicizing, or making any other use of them for any purpose whatsoever without the prior written consent of the Association or the owner of the property right and/or the owner of the trademark. It is strictly forbidden to make any use of the information and trademarks found on the Website in a way that may deceive and/or confuse other consumers.
  2. Links on the Website
    • If the Website includes links (“links“) to other websites, which are not owned by the Association (such as publications by different publishers, ads, etc.), it should be clear that the content and information on these websites are published without our knowledge, are not under our control and we have no responsibility for them.
    • If these Links include any wrong and/or misleading and/or inappropriate and/or immoral data and/or information and/or any such data and/or information in violation of public statutes, including such which offend a person and/or a certain public and/or which are outrageous and/or constitute any offense according to any law, the Association is not responsible for such in any way and will not be responsible for any damage and/or injury caused to you or anyone on your behalf as a result of such. Your reliance on such information is at your sole risk.
    • The Association will not be responsible if you use such Link to enter an insecure and/or unprotected website and as a result suffer damage , including damage to software, damage to hardware, loss of information, theft of information and personal data, etc. In addition, the Association will not be responsible for ensuring the Links appearing are active and/or correct and will lead you to the requested or an active website.
    • Any cancellation of a transaction will automatically cancel any benefit and/or right and/or gift received by the customer as part and/or as a result of the transaction, and the customer will immediately return such benefit upon canceling the transaction and/or returning the product.
  3. Privacy Policy
    • The Association respects the privacy of those using the Website and the registration and purchase pages. This privacy policy, detailed below, reflects the Association’s practices in relation to the collection, management and use of private information collected on the Website. It informs you what information we collect when you use the Website and how the Association uses it. The Association recommends reading the policy before using the Website in general, and specifically before providing personal information.
    • The Association may change the provisions of the privacy policy from time to time.
    • The Association collects the information filled in the fields, including first name, last name, telephone numbers and e-mail. The Association does not keep the full credit card details.
    • How the Association uses the information it collects:

The information you provide us and the data collected while you use the Website will be used only in accordance with this privacy policy or in accordance with the provisions of any law – and for the following purposes:

  • To allow you to use the Services provided on the Website.
  • To improve and enrich the services and content offered on the Website, including by creating new Services and content that match the website users’ requirements and expectations, and to modify or cancel existing Services and content. The used by the Association for this purpose will mainly be statistical information, which does not identify you in person.
  • If you have provided your email address or mobile phone number to the Association, the Association will be allowed to occasionally send you information regarding Services, content and offers that may be of interest to you, as well as marketing and advertising or promotional information – whether this information is published by the Association itself or is received from other advertisers. You may withdraw your consent and cease receiving such information at any time. In any case, we will not transfer your personal details to advertisers without receiving your permission to do so in advance.
  • To contact with (if necessary) or for statistical analysis.
  • For the proper operation and development of the Website. The information used for this purpose will not be transferred to third parties, except as permitted by this privacy policy, as updated from time to time.
  • For any other purpose, specified in this privacy policy or in the Terms of Use of any of the relevant Services available on the Website.
    • The Association is not responsible for user information or content provided to it and/or published by it, and it has no obligation to monitor information or content published on the Website by any of its users, or to verify their legality. The Association may, without having any obligation, remove or edit as it sees fit any information or content you submit for publication on the Website, including if it is suspected that the information or content is incorrect or violates any right.
  1. Data Security
    • The Association implements advanced information security systems and procedures on the Website. These systems and procedures are designed to reduce the risks of unauthorized access to the Website’s computers. At the same time, they can never provide the Website with absolute immunity if a determined and skilled hacker decides to ignore the express provisions set forth by law and illegally access the computer material on the Website or disrupt its operation. For this reason, we do not guarantee that the Website will be completely immune from unauthorized access and misuse of the information stored on it.
  2. The Right to review, change or delete information
    • The right to review the information held about you in the Association’s database is granted by law. Any person who has reviewed their information and has found it to be incorrect, incomplete or out of date, may send the database owner a request to correct or delete said information.
    • For any request to review, change or delete information, please contact the following email address: info@allon.org.il